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Description by Coingecko

The RAI (Reflexer) ecosystem aims to decentralized security incentives through the Reflexer ungovernance token, FLX. FLX will have two different core functions: - Lender of last resort: similar to other models such as the Maker protocol, the RAI system will have surplus and debt auctions. Debt auctions will autonomously mint and auction new FLX in case the system is underwater. - Ungoverning the RAI system: once the vast majority of governance capabilities are completely removed from the system, the community will be able to decide on how, when and if to securely governance minimize any remaining components. FLX will facilitate further ungovernance and allow the community to take decisions on how to remove themselves from discretion over the protocol.

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Reflexer Ungovernance Token Price GBP is £19.13. FLX price has experienced a daily change of 4.52 %. This gives Reflexer Ungovernance Token (FLX) a Market Cap of £ 10,723,679. The total volume of Reflexer Ungovernance Token (FLX) traded in the last 24-hour period was £ 18,490. Circulating Supply of Reflexer Ungovernance Token (FLX) is 559,890.

You can buy Reflexer Ungovernance Token UK directly from Binance (if available) using a credit card or debit card. This referral will save you 20% on trading fees. If FLX is not listed or is otherwise unavailable, another possibility is buying a cryptocurrency available directly on Binance with a credit card or debit card. This crypto can then be traded with FLX on Binance, or an alternative exchange.

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Reflexer Ungovernance Token (FLX) is a digital asset secured by cryptography. We supply FLX/GBP trading pairs below. More information can be obtained from the official Reflexer Ungovernance Token (FLX) website at: reflexer.finance

FLX blockchain can be viewed here: etherscan.io ethplorer.io

FLX social networks can be viewed here: Twitter

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FLX/GBP Price Chart

Market Cap
£ 10,723,679
Volume 24h
£ 18,490
Circulating Supply

FLX Questions and Answers

What is the latest price of FLX in GBP?
The latest FLX Price is £19.13
What is FLX's MarketCap in GBP?
FLX's MarketCap is £ 10,723,679
Where can I buy FLX in the UK?
You can buy FLX on Binance (if available) or an alternative exchange
What is the 24-hour trading volume of FLX in GBP?
The 24-hour trading volume of FLX is £ 18,490
What is the Circulating Supply of FLX?
The Circulating Supply of FLX is 559,890
What is the Total Supply of FLX?
The Total Supply of FLX is 0
Where can I sell FLX in the UK?
You can sell FLX on Binance (if available) or an alternative exchange
What is the web3spy.io star rating for FLX?
The current visitor generated star rating for FLX is 0 (based upon 0 visitor votes)