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Abstract Art NFTs by MooniTooki

MooniTooki Abstract Art NFTs combine algorithmic structure with cryptocurrency data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) to create Abstract Art NFT inspired by Piet Mondrian. MooniTooki can snapshot current cryptocurrency market parameters by way of CoinGecko API feed. The system can also look back at specific events and dates in crypto’s history to create unique Non-Fungible Token artwork. Examples directly below are '4357 Circles' - Ethereum All-Time-High Abstract NFT Art and 'Abstract #07302021163314' NFT.

Ethereum-NFT-Abstract-Art Abstract-#07302021163314

Project Snapshot

[Updated 02/02/22]

  • Abstract Art NFTs
  • NFTs: 58
  • Owners: 30
  • Highest Last Sale: 0.04 ETH
  • Floor Price: 0.002 ETH
  • Total Traded: 0.37 ETH
  • Bright Blocks
  • NFTs: 211
  • Owners: 66
  • Highest Last Sale: 0.001 ETH
  • Floor Price: 0.001 ETH
  • Total Traded: 0.05 ETH
  • NFT Artwork UK (Promotional and Special Edition NFTs)
  • NFTs: 11
  • Owners: 638
  • Highest Last Sale: 0.002 ETH
  • Floor Price: 0.001 ETH
  • Total Traded: 0.03 ETH

MooniTooki's virtual exhibition can be visited by clicking on the image of my newly opened online abstract art gallery.


Latest News

Abstract Art Supply Capped at Three New NFTs Annually

[Updated 21/04/22]

Abstract Art supply is now limited to 3 additional NFTs added to this collection annually. Two have already been added so far this year.

New Year Update

[Updated 02/01/22]

Happy New Year Folks! Just a quick update to say that I'll have #NFTgiveaways running throughout January 2022. These are for the most part Promotional NFTs plus some of the 2022 Bright Blocks.

Bright Blocks Total Supply Capped at 200 NFTs

[Updated 07/11/21]

Bright Blocks supply is now capped for all time at 200 NFTs. The original plan was 100 released per year. Some 2022 releases are available now, the remainder will go on sale Jan 1st 2022.

NFT Community Moon Gallery Opens!

[Updated 05/11/21]

I have opened a new online NFT community art gallery to showcase NFTs I've bought or had gifted to me. To be considered for inclusion, please send airdrop or promotional NFTs to OpenSea account: 0xcee0457f61d31d593b18a9a74345f6cf668c2a5a


Special Edition NFTs in collaboration with MasakicryptoArt

[Updated 04/11/21]

I am delighted to share with you that this special edition NFT based upon '#05 Lily' by @MasakicryptoArt was listed today on OpenSea along with two other 1/1 NFTs.


Project clarifications

[Updated 27/10/21]

What this project is not is a 10000 NFT discord community driven hype-fest. Not that there's anything wrong or improper with those projects at all, it's just we're a different kind of NFT art project. We are commemorating Cryptocurrency events with abstract art as events unfold. We're visualising blockchain data, then adding this back onto the blockchain as NFTs.

Latest News

NFT specification

[Updated 27/10/21]

2022 Abstract Art will number 1 x 1/1 artwork. This solo NFT will be issued with the following example information contained within the NFT: 'Generation mode': 'Ethereum ATH', 'Height': 6480, 'Width': 6480, 'Total quads': 4362, 'Min quad size': 153, 'Quad line thickness': 1, 'Frame edge': 4, 'Quad edge': 2, and 'Coloured quad ratio': 1.0.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the dynamics at play in MooniTooki Artworks and where these elements get their values from:

  • Quad Total is derived from the Coin’s value e.g., present price or ATH price.
  • Frame Edge is derived from market cap percentage change in the last 24h.
  • Quad Edge is derived from the cryptocurrency’s market cap rank.

Grab 'em!

[Updated 14/10/21]

Bright Blocks 2022 NFTs can be viewed on OpenSea. All are unique, with a 3D twist on the 2021 releases. Background used is 'Total Mondrian Dark'. NFT #01 is now on-sale for 0.0006 ETH. 2022 NFTs from this collection will be dropped over the coming weeks with the majority going on-sale 1st January 2022.


Ooops - #68 is the missing one!

[Updated 14/10/21]

While setting up the 2022 Bright Blocks release - I spotted that Bright Blocks #68 from the initial release was missing. Must have been in the batch that hadn't uploaded correctly that I thought I'd previously fixed. You'll see by sorting by oldest, that the collection numbering is a little out of order. But pleased to say we now have 100 Bright Blocks NFTs per year as planned.


Buy Abstract Art NFTs on OpenSea

Buy MooniTooki Abstract Art NFTs on the Polygon Blockchain from OpenSea. 'Total Mondrian Dark' (8342) Cryptocurrencies sold recently for 0.04 ETH.


First Abstract Art NFT Sale

My first abstract art NFT sale with OpenSea on the Polygon Blockchain was for 0.01 ETH. '147' - Piet Mondrian inspired NFT art was created on 30-06-2021 @ 6480 x 6480 pixels. Click on the image below for options to buy this piece. I currently have 54 artworks available on OpenSea. This now meets the limited supply quota as per 2021 release schedule detailed further down this page.

I'm happy to share with you that MooniTooki abstract artworks will be promoted on this site indefinitely. This should help in getting MooniTooki artworks into as many OpenSea accounts as possible.


Is owning a MooniTooki NFT a good idea?

I can tell you the following points that will hopefully help you understand why I believe it's certainly not a bad idea to own a MooniTooki NFT. You can then make up your own mind. As with anything related to Crypto and NFTs, always do your own research.

  • MooniTooki is a long-term project.
  • OpenSea account since November 2019.
  • Trusted original artwork.
  • Unique project creating art from crypto data utilising API integration and creative code.
  • Transparent project updates.
  • Social media and website details shared in NFT listings.
  • Very limited annual supply of Abstract Art NFT collection.
  • Fixed supply of Bright Blocks NFT collection.
  • There will never be a rug pull, or any other malicious manoeuvre.
  • Ongoing promotion of the OpenSea NFT Project.
  • Ongoing promotion of this Webpage and NFT Galleries.
  • Ongoing collaboration with other NFT Artists and engagement with the wider NFT community.

Which NFTs should you avoid?

These tips should help you identify which NFTs to avoid.

  • Use Google tools such as Lens and Images to see where online the artwork can be found if you suspect originality issues.
  • NFTs deemed to infringe copyright can be delisted from trading platforms.
  • Does the NFT listing and/or collection include detailed project descriptions?
  • Are the creator's social media or website links shared in listings?
  • Is the creator offering a very large supply of NFTs? If so, be wary.
  • Is there a very large number of copies? If so, be wary.
  • Is the creator's account brand new? If so, be wary.
  • OpenSea Trust score is there for a reason - do take this into consideration.

MooniTooki Bright Blocks

The MooniTooki Bright Blocks collection is aimed at raising awareness of the MooniTooki Project. Inspired by Piet Mondrian, utilising the same system as the Abstract Art NFTs collection, minus API integration. The idea is the bright coloured NFTs stand out in listings and user profiles, resulting in more visitors to my collections. I am also currently running several promotional experiments - 'Number 58' - Circles - MooniTooki Project - Abstract NFT Art @ 6480 x 6480 pixels. This is a special edition promotional NFT minted with 100,000 copies. This is a promotional piece intended for widespread distribution. 'Number 52' - Circles is another special edition promotional artwork minted with 100,000 copies. In additional to these, there are more Promotional NFTs. Bright Blocks #24 below sold recently for 0.0007 ETH.


It is very difficult to break into the NFT community with a new project. The best option I can see is getting my 2021 collections and promotional NFTs into as many user wallets as possible on OpenSea. Supply of future MooniTooki abstract art is limited to a maximum of 54 pieces annually, released as a single collection. All 54 will utilise the full system and API interface. NFTs will be minted as 1/1.

MooniTooki NFT Artwork Style

MooniTooki NFTs can be categorised as abstract, geometric, conceptual, modern, contemporary, information art, and informatism.

Automagical NFTs

MooniTooki Automagical collection Abstract Art NFTs are inspired by Piet Mondrian. This MooniTooki collection also combines algorithmic structure with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). NFT artwork can be produced automagically by MooniTooki.

About the Project

I’m AC, born in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is my Abstract Art NFT Project. If you are like me, passionate about Crypto, Abstract Art, Creative Code, and Artificial Intelligence - then MooniTooki is for you. I set out to create something unique, specifically for the NFT Art space. With data and creative code at its core, MooniTooki takes inspiration from Piet Mondrian (see below). This renowned artist created everlasting works during his lifetime – something MooniTooki also strives to achieve. MooniTooki solves Mondrian’s mathematical problem by dividing an entire canvas into rectangles and squares or circles. The system fully controls the final work by selecting how to split and colour. MooniTooki automagically creates geometric works based on crypto price and/or other parameters.

Project initiated and run by me, a Bachelor of Science (Hons) graduate, I've been working with Cryptocurrency data since 2017. Technology utilised to create NFT abstract artwork includes Python, Polygon Blockchain, AI, ML. MooniTooki uses CoinGecko API data, prices rounded to the nearest dollar (USD).

Release Schedule - 2021
Successfully minting an initial collection of 54 pieces of NFT Artwork on the Polygon blockchain during 2021 will see this exciting first phase realised. To mark the launch, 10 “white-tile” NFTs will be released. MooniTooki NFTs incorporating a solo white-tile will become rarer with only 1 being released annually from 2022 in this collection only. The special white-tile release will be clearly identifiable from both title and description.

Annual Schedule – 2022 onwards
Releases of MooniTooki abstract artworks by way of NFTs on Opensea. Supply is limited to a maximum of 54 pieces annually within this collection. NFTs will be strictly minted as 1/1. This collection will include:

  • 12 x ‘Inspired by’
  • 12 x ‘Automagical’
  • 12 x ‘Geometric’
  • 12 x ‘Abstract’
  • 6 x Trigger events of top cryptocurrencies including all-time highs, significant anniversaries, dominance, market-cap, and crashes.

MooniTooki 'Bright Blocks' series of 100 NFTs with 9 copies each.

'NFT Artwork UK' collection for MooniTooki promotional and special edition NFTs will have a maximum annual supply of 10 x 1/1 NFTs.

Piet Mondrian 1872-1944
"Dutch pioneer of abstract art, who developed from early landscape pictures to geometric abstract works of a most rigorous kind". Information accessed June 16th, 2021, from URL: TATE

Artificial Intelligence and Arts Practice
“There is a mature tradition of work between art and technology innovation going back to the 1960s. Today we see the emergence of new artistic forms in which AI is a tool or topic, and increasing numbers of artists are experimenting with AI to support, enhance, simulate or replicate creativity. Some artists work with data and technology as material, generating formal and aesthetic outcomes by modifying a training dataset or parameters of a machine learning model, or to explore novel configurations of humans and algorithms”. Text published on The Alan Turing Institute website. Information accessed June 16th, 2021, from URL: The Alan Turing Institute

Information Art / Informatism
“Information art, which is also known as informatism or data art, is an emerging art form that is inspired by and principally incorporates data, computer science, information technology, artificial intelligence, and related data-driven fields”. Information accessed June 16th, 2021, from URL: Wiki

Join Team MooniTooki

To help promote my project, please do follow me on Twitter and say hello! Now, here we go into a little randomness. Going by my website's analytics, only 1 in 4 visitors to this page will likely be Female. Please help improve this statistic by sharing this page as widely as possible using the social sharing widget. MooniTooki is a long-term NFT project. Please be supportive; please be kind. There will be much more software development between now and the 2022 releases - so why not join 'Team MooniTooki' on our journey. We really are only at the beginning!

MooniTooki collections on Polygon Blockchain

You can Buy Abstract NFTs by MooniTooki on OpenSea. Non fungible tokens cannot be replicated. NFTs are perfect for 'tokenising' art, collectibles, and memorabilia. When you buy NFTs from MooniTooki, proof of ownership is stored by way of Polygon Blockchain technology.

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